Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Place your bid and walk away... you might win in the end.

I am anticipating the arrival of the 1946 Wurlitzer organ I offered $300 for. No, I'm not paying $300. In fact I'm paying nothing, but I'll explain this later.
In November I bought a pristine 1958 Hammond M3 with a rare Santa Monica CA based company's preset feature called a Duet Sixteen. The company was named Electro Tone and during the 60's and 70's they manufactured after market add-ons for Hammond organs. Things like 'reverb' for all of the non reverb organs, key percussion for B2's and C2's. and for the M3 and similar models without preset tabs they made the single and dual multi-position rotary switch activated, draw bar presets. In other words, unlike the Hammond Console organs with the reverse colored B&W keys to the left of the 61 keys on each keyboard manual that changed the draw bar configurations, the single and dual 16 multi- switches added on by Electro- Tone accomplished this. They made a quality product certainly. I will miss this organ, but I had to get rid of it so I could get another one. Not to mention I need that cash that's being made over and above the deal. It isn't much, but it helps make up for the over draw I made on having to dip into my bill money to rent a U-Hull last month on the day my van broke down two hours before I was supposed to pick up a $100 Thomas Palace III 901. I couldn't let that one go!

I like for my hobbies to support themselves. It keeps it fun. Never go into debt over a hobby!

So the break down is this- I bought that beautiful 58' M3 ( in mint condition, I'm a fool for getting rid of it!) for $75. My buyer is paying me $200, which is dirt cheap for an organ with the Duet 16! However, that organ I offered $300 for- The 1946 Wurlitzer Orgatron w/ it's ultra rare rotary cabinet has been offered to me for $100 if I get it quick. This weekend the M3 buyer is picking up the $100 Orgatron on his way to get the M3 because he lives 40 minutes from where it's at and it's on the same path he has to take to get to Columbus from Covington KY. So when he arrives I get my $75 back I invested in the M3, The Orgatron for nothing, and $25 to boot. Of course I really could have used the $200, but something tells me I'll be selling that rare Wurlitzer rotary cabinet for 1/2 the price of the cheap antique Leslie speaker that will pop up someday...and it will.

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