Saturday, April 2, 2016


In the latest episode of SHAMELESS [U.S.] (season 6 episode 11), Lip' and the Professor get heated over wave theory...

While watching the latest U.S. episode of SHAMELESS, a twisted modern day dysfunctional family series in it's 6th season, the family anomaly Philip, or 'Lip as he goes by, got into it with his physics professor about wave theory. Lip had been teaching the class for his consistently drunk professor, as his teacher's assistant. In this particular scene the teacher managed to show up and began writing on the blackboard and narrating:
The Klein -Gordon Equation
The Dirac Equation
and the Free Field Einstein Equation

Lip enters the class and condescendingly interrupts, as he and the prof had an unsettled personal rift earlier that morning,

" [I]Orr...we could use the Scale Relativity Theory to explain the origin of how wave functions are generated.[/I]"

After a long uncomfortable pause the prof says,

"That's an option of course"
Lip quickly interrupts, " Yeah, uh' that's the standard. People stopped using field theory for this shit back in the 90's...which is a..'bout when you started pickling your frontal cortex with scotch."

Prof thinks for a moment and says, " Both ways of reconciling wave functions are perfectly valid"

Lip, " Nope. Uh I mean not any know you should read up on it." Lip smirks and puts cigarette in his mouth, " Maybe you'll learn something."

The Professor takes Lip to the hall and they argue hardcore like they did last episode, but they made up with each other last time. This time it looks like it could be the end of this turbulent relationship of student and teacher. Wait' didn't Lip just come out of another turbulent relationship with his anthropology professor...


Well we all know that the characters of Shameless are difficult to analyze, but perhaps we can attempt to see if the Professor is right or is Lip right, or are they both right. And also, can we see from our findings if this can somehow benefit my/the ( the narcissist in me,sorry) all new musical instrument science of MEMMIS ( Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Musical-Instrument-Systems).

First of all today I feel like a character from Shameless. Going on little sleep and so this robs my brain power. I shall continue this later, but do feel free to comment away:-)

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